What's new in versions 4.x.x

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Version 4.1.6 news

Version 4.1.5 news

Emoji dictionary cleanup: removed some misleading or ambiguous entries.

Version 4.1.4 news

Version 4.1.3 news

About voices

Vocalizer Expressive v1 voices support has been dropped. Please, use v2 voices. These voices are now supported not only in the form of APK packages, but as a folder filled by respective files as well, just like it was with the v1 voices in previous SmartVoice versions. Internal hierarchy structure of this folder doesn’t matter, but the names of the voice files should be preserved. Default folder name has been changed to VocalizerEx2 and, of course, it can be customized via application settings.

Modern environment support

The vast majority of modern devices are based on 64-bit processors. SmartVoice now natively supports this architecture.

Since on modern Android versions explicit permission may be required for files access, it is recommended to check voices folder in the application settings if you are going to use it and make sure that it is readable.

Partial Farsi language support

Since Farsi uses Arabic alphabet and SmartVoice detects it as Arabic, Farsi voices now are treated as Arabic capable, i.e. these voices can be assigned to the language recognized as Arabic. Thus, in some circumstances Farsi can be used as an automatically recognizable language. Unfortunately, for the moment SmartVoice can not distinguish Farsi from Arabic, so the both languages cannot be used simultaneously.


Voices list refresh button is now present only on those screens that can be more or less directly affected by the action being based on the list of available voices. Namely these are the immediate voice switch screen, voices setup screen and voices assignment screen. On the other hand, this button should not be frequently needed since in the most cases all relevant changes are caught automatically.

New translations

Portuguese translations (European and Brazilian) have been added. Thanks to Wendrill Aksenow Brandão and Michel Henrique.