Some additional Rockbox features explanation

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Speech feedback

These Rockbox builds are provided with English voice included and menu speaking turned on. So, being installed and started for the first time it should speak immediately. But speaking file and directory names is turned off. Nevertheless, some menus like plugin or language lists are in fact file lists. Thus, if you need full speech support it is recommended to turn on speaking of file and directory names as well as using talk clips, since proper talk clips are provided for all file names used as menu items.

Voice announcements by WPS hotkey

To use this feature edit WPS announcement format string available in the voice settings menu. This string is no more than 20 characters long and consists of tokens, each of which announces a particular canned piece of information. Tokens are two characters in size and case insensitive. If more than one token is specified, more than one piece of information is announced. Multiple announcements may be bound to the hotkey by separating one or more groups of tokens with a “.”. These announcements will be spoken sequentially one by one if the delay between key presses is less than 10 seconds. A space between tokens adds a short pause to the announcement.

Token list

Smart alarm

The alarm function in these builds can be used for scheduling recording of radio programs. It is achieved by the following steps:

And that’s all. Now you can safely turn your player off and leave it alone. It is recommended to leave headphones plugged in since it is usually used as an antenna. All the work will be done automatically in appropriate time and the result will be placed in the directory that is set up as a recording directory.

Talk clips for FM presets

To use talk clips for the radio station names defined in presets simply place them into /.rockbox/fmpresets/jingles directory on your player and allow using talk clips for file names in the voice settings.