My opensource projects

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Here is a list of those of my projects that from my point of view are the most valuable.

Emacspeak – The complete Emacs-based audio desktop. It was originally forked from tvraman/emacspeak, but now includes a lot of extra enhancements and fixes along with the packaging means for several popular Linux distributions. Actual state of this work can be found in the respective branches:

Multispeech – Multilingual speech server for Emacspeak featuring a capability to detect language automatically by a nature of text and choose an appropriate voice. In addition it can serve as a backend for Speech Dispatcher providing multilingual speech output facility for Orca screen reader as well.

Ru_tts – Russian speech synthesizer. An alternative implementation of the well-known Phonemophone-5. Being written in pure C it is extremely compact and lightweight.

RuLex – Russian pronunciation dictionary originally designed for Ru_tts speech synthesizer facilitation by providing stress information.

FreeSpeech – English text to phoneme converter and pronunciation dictionary that being used along with MBROLA speech synthesizer forms full TTS conversion for English language. Originates from the archive found at

Youtube-dl-el – Emacs interface for Youtube. Originally forked from skeeto/youtube-dl-emacs, but greatly enhanced.

Gh-subscription – GitHub CLI extension for subscription management.

SmartVoice-translations – Translatable resource of the SmartVoice speech synthesizer which is not opensource itself.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, but those who are curious about other my projects, are welcome to my page on GitHub.